Covid 19

In the end of October 2020 the pandemic has brought rising concerns.

I have been to Belgium the whole September 2020 near Ostende.
In July, August and  September the situation was more or less ok there, but now the situation causes very deep concern. Nearly  everyone has respected distance to other people, and everybody had a mask on. With this consequent behaviour one had a relative good time in the Belgian coast. It's a pity, that this could not prevent the really bad situation in October.

In my region Northern Rhine Westphalia you see red colours in nearly all districts,

Probably stricter actions from the government will be necassary. The 2 lock downs in Bavaria are only the start.

Game Theory

I am also interested in Game Theory as a part of economics sciences,  and recently I have studied some articles on this topic.

A special interest of mine are Non Cooperative Games and their strategies. Some of you might have heard about Nash Equilibriums.

The Central Institute on Statistics CEMI has a focus on mathematical methods,

also Game Theoretical Approaches. They issue the periodical Economika i matematiceskie metody, and I have a vested interest in their work. The matematical methods have a long history in the economics sciences in the former Soviet Union als well as in Russia now, and the approaches are highly sophisticated.

Currently I have paid the attention on personas. Personas could be economic agents with a specific behaviour both in cooperative and non-cooperative games.
A persona is a fictitious (hypothetical) model of a real person with  specific characteristics. You can create the model via interviews or via forcast models. The better the forecasts or the interviews are, the more exact is the modelling. With an exact modelling you can get a good assessment on a different agent's behaviour, which is an advantage in a non-cooperative game.

You can use this concept for cooperative games in order to assess trustworthy people.